elena & leo: engaged! (part 2)

I love how Paris is but a two hour train-ride away – I’m not sure why I’m not catching the Eurostar every weekend!  Elena and Leo decided to make the most of it and off we went on a Friday night, whisked away to capture the magic of la ville-lumière for part two of their big engagement photoshoot.  These guys are seriously dedicated – we checked in around midnight, but they ironed till 2am and Elena was up at 5am to get started on make-up & hair!

Saturday started off a gorgeous sunny day, just perfect to take in the spectacular gardens of Versailles.  Ever since I saw the part in the September Issue where Grace Coddington directs a Vogue shoot there, I wanted to do the same.  And despite the ridiculously early start to the day, the long trek to the other end of the estate, and the tricky business of getting changed into a pristine white gown in public toilets without smearing make-up or messing hair, the results were totally worth it.  I hope you agree.


We spent a wonderful morning in Versailles before heading back into Paris for a drenching as the spring storms rolled in. Thankfully, the sun re-emerged for Sunday as we defied the early morning traffic on Avenue des Champs-Élysées and wandered around the art markets of Montmatre. We even had time for a massive bowl of the best pho ever.  I can’t wait to go back.


Finally, a big thank you to tealilyphotography for letting me second-shoot.  It was a fantastic experience to work with her, watching her direct the shoot and patiently manage all the curious passerbys – and of course gear-geek that I am, I loved the chance to swap lenses with her and grab some shots with the i-mean-business 70-200mm f/2.8 🙂



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