elena & leo: married!

Last October, I was part of a fairly large contingent of expats flying home to sunny Sydney, to join Elena & Leo in celebrating their special day. It was every bit as picture-perfect as I had come to expect from these guys. What was truly wonderful was how relaxed and radiant the happy couple were, as a year of seemingly effortless planning from the other side of the world came to fruition.

They were kind enough to invite me to shoot alongside tealilyphotography again, and it was loads of fun to meet up with her and reprise those weekends a few months ago back in Paris and London.

Here are some of my favourites…..


The morning began at Elena’s parents’ house, doors flung open to welcome everyone to the traditional Chinese start to the celebrations. Leo and his entourage arrived fashionably late, was put through their paces (think pushups and wasabi), and eventually won (or bribed?) their way into the house. Leo joined his bride in paying their respects at the household shine and offering cups of tea to Elena’s relatives, before heading off to his parents’ house to complete the tea ceremony with his relatives.

Chinese traditions completed, Elena headed to an absolutely stunning apartment by Sydney’s waterfront to change into the most amazing tailor-made wedding dress for the western ceremony.  With family and friends gathered round in the sunshine at McKells Park on the shores of Sydney Harbour, Leo & Elena exchanged their vows and some celebratory glasses of champagne, before heading down to Neilsen Park for some photos and a bit of beach time for the bridal party.

Suitably for a couple who love good food so much, the reception was at top Sydney seafood restaurant Catalina’s, with gorgeous views of the sunset over the harbour. The newly married couple treated everyone to a fun first dance which morphed into a salsa with their closest friends, paving the way for everyone to burn up the dancefloor to round off the perfect day.

All the very best wishes to the newly married couple! xxx



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