Dreaming of Space

Hello! Clearly I’m not much of a blogger… sorry!  But recently I visited a truly amazing place which inspired me to share a few (very few) words and shots here – a (slightly) more permanent remembrance than instagram 😏.

A sneak peak inside the Grand Hall of the New York Hall of Science was one of the Open Access highlights of the annual Open House New York weekend, held on October 11-12 this year (2014).  The Hall was designed by Wallace K. Harrison in 1964 for the 1964-65 World’s Fair, and is one of few remaining buildings from then.  Influenced by the Space Age, it has 100ft high walls, with no corners or straight walls.  It showed films on space exploration for the Fair, and was fittingly revived for Björk’s first US Biophilia concerts in 2012.

20141012 OHNY NYSCI 01-14



Happy Independence Day 2012

Manhattan Skyline

Manhattan Skyline

In the many months since my last post, I’ve moved to the other side of the pond and am now privileged to call New York home. This is the view from a good friend’s apartment in Brooklyn – unbelievably the view will get even better in a few months when he moves to his new apartment in the adjoining building! Definitely looking forward to the housewarming in the new place…. and to taking the camera out to capture life in the US of A 🙂


stuck in customs photowalk

Since moving here nearly six years ago, rarely have I taken the time to seek out the colours concealed beneath the drab grey of a typical cloudy day in Londontown. One fine evening last September, a man who sees more through one eye than most people with two changed that. I, and about 75 other photogs, joined Trey Ratcliff (aka Stuck in Customs) on a photowalk along the Thames to shoot some of London’s most famous landmarks to render in eye-popping colour with the HDR technique Trey is famous for (drop by his site for a daily dose of gorgeousness and his free HDR tutorial).

Incidentally, I’m sure it was no accident that Trey led his big tripod-toting mob past the most zealous of the UK’s notoriously anti-photog security guards on the eve of Sept 11 – in fitting support of the I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist! campaign (ok, political rant over.)



enough grey!

Not (just) a clumsy segue from the last post, but an attempt to break away from the dreariness of a London winter. Missing sunny (baking hot) Sydney just a little…..