super moon gazing

I’ve always wanted to be an astronomer. Now that my kit’s virtually complete, perhaps my next lens will be a telescope 🙂 Thankfully the moon doesn’t require anything more than a 200mm lens and a steady hand.

Tonight is a special night – the full moon is at its closest to the Earth since 1992, and London is blessed with beautifully clear skies after a gorgeous sunny day that finally heralds the spring after a bitterly cold and depressing winter.  Which is why (for the astro-photo-geeks out there) I decided to break out the tripod and my 300mm lens (at f/8 1/125 (±2EV) ISO100 for the few who care), to capture the moon which indeed was bigger and brighter than usual.

Here’s hoping this marks a turning point in all the world’s fortunes… especially for everyone in Japan fighting to overcome the devastation and continuing threats brought on by the enormous Tohoku earthquake & tsunami just over a week ago, those in Queensland & Christchurch rebuilding after their own natural disasters, and all those battling oppression in Northern Africa…



hello world!

Welcome to maxabroad § photography!

So, I’ve finally taken the plunge and joined the blogosphere.  There’s quite a lot of back-filling to do (500Gb in fact), so while I patiently await the arrival of 2 more terabytes’ processing space (c’mon!!), this might just be the perfect time to dip into the archives.

Since it might take awhile to catch up, here’s a sneak peak – fuller entries to follow soon, I promise!

Thanks for visiting and hope to see you again soon!