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centrifuge: carmen sampled

Last month, I was invited to shoot the premiere performance of centrifuge: carmen sampled – a new work conceived by Mi Zhou, with music & visuals by pioneering multimedia artist Robin Storey, and choreography, dance & lighting by Johanna Devi. I had the privilege of shooting a day of rehearsals about a month earlier, and I was looking forward to seeing the full production at the Bloomsbury Theatre.

The performance was the culmination of a three-day conference convened by the multi-talented Dr Zhou on the various manifestations of Carmen, perhaps most widely-known as the opera by Georges Bizet (music from which formed the basis of the preceding evening’s sister event carmen: staged, featuring the University College Orchestra and Susanne Dietz of London’s Shunt Collective).

There are plans to take centrifuge: carmen sampled to Berlin, so hopefully there’ll be another opportunity to see this groundbreaking production soon.



elena & leo: engaged! (part 3)

One thing England does well is gardens, but you really need a car – and bit of luck weather-wise – to truly appreciate it (anyone for a roadtrip?).  To kick off the last weekend of their photoshoot with tealilyphotography, Leo booked a teeny tiny Fiat 500, complete with racing chequers on the roof, and we crammed in for a daytrip to a couple of National Trust properties in Kent.  Although too late to catch the daffodils, the bluebells were still out in force, along with plenty of other bright blooms to add a splash of colour.

To bring the shoot to a close, Sunday was spent close to home. Normally jam-packed with tourists, Notting Hill on a Sunday morning is serene and leisurely, with the market taking a day off. We wandered past all Elena & Leo’s favourite places, picking up coffee & pastries at Ottolenghi, brollies from former flatmates at their old place at Bayswater, even a houseboat at Little Venice…..


elena & leo: engaged! (part 1)

Elena & Leo had the most amazing engagement photoshoot last year, and I was lucky enough to be invited along to help out and get a few shots of my own. They flew their wonderfully talented photographer tealilyphotograpy out from Sydney to spend a weekend in Paris and another in London, to capture their life here before they moved back to Sydney after they got hitched (miss you guys!!!).

With such a big investment, I thought it might be worthwhile spending a couple hours the weekend before she got here to go for a trial run – it’s not easy pretending to be normal while having a massive lens poked in your face!

With Elena & Leo’s kind permission, I’ve selected a few of my favourite shots to share with you. The Paris & London shoots with tealilyphotograpy will follow soon, so watch this space!





stuck in customs photowalk

Since moving here nearly six years ago, rarely have I taken the time to seek out the colours concealed beneath the drab grey of a typical cloudy day in Londontown. One fine evening last September, a man who sees more through one eye than most people with two changed that. I, and about 75 other photogs, joined Trey Ratcliff (aka Stuck in Customs) on a photowalk along the Thames to shoot some of London’s most famous landmarks to render in eye-popping colour with the HDR technique Trey is famous for (drop by his site for a daily dose of gorgeousness and his free HDR tutorial).

Incidentally, I’m sure it was no accident that Trey led his big tripod-toting mob past the most zealous of the UK’s notoriously anti-photog security guards on the eve of Sept 11 – in fitting support of the I’m a Photographer, Not a Terrorist! campaign (ok, political rant over.)



tired pony

I love a good gig, especially if it’s fronted by Gary Lightbody 🙂  Throw in REM legend Peter Buck and a collective of other eminent indie musos and you have Tired Pony.  They ambitiously planned to do two gigs the same night – I had tickets to the second show (11pm-2:45am) – tired ponies indeed.  Reason (or regulation) prevailed, and the second-show-people got the dress circle of the combined gig at north London’s intimate HMV Forum.  Venue mgmt was nice enough to let me take in my camera & my slow 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 safari lens, but it was a close call and I’ll apply for a photog pass next time!